The basic role of hearing aids and the factors for the renounce of elderly people.

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Sojod Haj Yahya
Lama Abu Haiba
Sahar Tawil
Aisha Jaber
Baraa Balalu
Mai Ghnayiem
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Hearing aids are developed electronic devices help with amplifying sounds for those with hearing loss to practice their lives regardless of their health status. The study aims to discriminate between positive and negative effects of using hearings on the elderly people who complain of hearing impairment and why most of elderly people rejecting using hearing aids. Scoping study design was used for conducting the study, this study reviews several studies on the topic which applied cross section, interviews and reviews of people of the age 55 and older. Study results have shown that most of elderly people not adhering with the using of hearing devices for multiple reasons as lack of recognition of hearing loss, difficulty dealing with signals in noise, the belief that hearing aids do not have enough usefulness to justify their cost and that using hearing aids can be seen as a shameful act or a stigma. etc. While those who used them reported the potential impact of hearing aids in mitigating cognitive impairment, increasing the ability to engage in everyday situations, and improve the quality of life. Hearing aid devices are important for the elderly community with hearing problems as they assist with making their lives easier. so, it is highly recommended for all those in need.