Palestinian Public Opinion Polls No. 8

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An-Najah National University/ Opinion Polls and Survey Studies Unit
The Occupied Palestinian Territories witnessed, in the period preceding ‎this poll, an Israeli ‎escalation in the military operations; the Israeli army ‎continued the destruction, the closures and ‎the killing of Palestinian ‎people. The occupation forces bombed a playground in Gaza. The ‎‎bombardment left tens of casualties from among the Palestinian civilians. ‎Further, the Israeli ‎occupation forces liquidated a group of Palestinian ‎activists in Nablus and Jenin.‎ On the political and security levels, the Palestinian scene witnessed a ‎series of developments. ‎Among these are the chaotic state that spread in ‎Gaza Strip in particular, and some other West ‎Bank cities in general, ‎especially Nablus and Ramallah. An armed group kidnapped some ‎foreigners ‎and detained them for some hours. Other groups stormed into ‎a number of sites that belong to ‎the Palestinian Authority; some top ‎Palestinian officers were kidnapped.‎ In view of the above realities, a number of the leaders of the security ‎apparatuses submitted their ‎resignation; a state of dissatisfaction ‎dominated the Palestinian scene. Prime Minister Ahmed ‎Qurai submitted ‎his resignation and withdrew it twice within the last sixty days. The ‎Palestinian ‎Legislative Council, announced the suspension of its sessions ‎for one month protesting the lack of ‎respect and attention for its ‎decisions by the Palestinian Authority.‎ Consequently, several declarations and calls for a comprehensive ‎internal reformation were issued ‎by ministers, PLC members, ‎representatives of political factions, security officials and others. Such ‎‎calls did not lead to any substantial result. ‎ In the Palestinian Territories, the election registration campaign was ‎launched in preparation for ‎the general elections which have not been ‎given a specific date. There are efforts paid to urge ‎people to register for ‎the elections, but the news tell of very weak and slow registration ‎process.‎