Palestinian Public Opinion Polls No. 5

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An-Najah National University/ Opinion Polls and Survey Studies Unit
The Israeli Government revealed an intention to pull out from Gaza as a ‎part of a more ‎comprehensive unilateral disengagement plan. Thus, ‎Israel in an undeclared manner, abandons ‎the Road Map while the ‎Palestinian Authority still adheres to it and calls on concerned countries ‎to ‎put pressure on Israel to force her to commit itself to the Road Map ‎despite the fact that some of ‎these countries expressed their ‎understanding of the Israeli position.‎ On the other side of the Palestinian scene, the Palestinian cities witnessed ‎marches and sit-ins ‎protesting the Israeli against international and local ‎media institutions. The Gaza Strip witnessed a ‎series of atrocities ‎against journalists, Legislative Council Members and public figures.‎ As for the construction of the Separation Wall, the Palestinian Authority ‎filed a lawsuit at the ‎International Court of Justice in The Hague seeking ‎a decision concerning the legal status of the ‎Wall. Israel, however, ‎boycotted the hearings of the Court.‎ Palestinian cities as a well as other Arab and European cities witnessed ‎massive marches in support ‎of the Palestinian stand at The Hague and ‎protesting the international silence concerning the wall ‎and its impact.‎ Further, Fateh Revolutionary Council held a meeting described by some ‎observers as necessary ‎and important to correct the general Palestinian ‎course and to lead Palestinian people out of their ‎crisis if realistic ‎decision are made touching the Palestinian reality.‎