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Johari, Noor
Najjar, Lubna
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Eureka is a service provider application that offers different services and modern solutions to existing problems. It is a cross-platform application, developed using React Native that is reliable, convenient, user-friendly, available 24/7, secure and trusted. All services will be included along with contact information, the existence of a task system, in addition to the option to sign up either as a service provider or a potential customer, and switch between them when needed. Both types of users can observe different services, check their ratings and reviews, and see other provider’s profiles. The service provider can add his profile and service to one of the enlisted categories. The customer can submit a task either generally or to a certain service provider, specifying the time, date, job and the price the customer expects to pay. The customer can also attach photos and videos that describe the job that he needs getting done. The service provider can view the task, and either accept this task or ignore it. The application also offers an agenda/calendar, which organizes the provider’s tasks. It should be mentioned that both types of users will receive notifications regarding this process.