Home Automation

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Esra Hanani
Hedaya Abdulrahim
Mohammad Asaad
Sami Hamad
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Home Automation:Home automation refers to the use of computer and information technology to control home appliances and features. Home automation will be achieved with connected computing power and memory within lots  of pieces of house equipment, each of which will communicate with the user and with other equipments, the communication media will include infra-red, radio, mains wires, installed twisted wires and coaxial cable, etc.Systems can range from simple remote control of lighting through to complex computer/micro-controller based networks with varying degrees of intelligence and automation.Our project (Home automation system) consists of many small systems:   Security control system: safety door work with  the voice tag or fingerprint or by motion detection.  Fire system or smoke detector: detects a fire or smoke condition, causing all lights in the house to blink to alert any occupants of the house to the possible emergency.  Detection of gas leaks and water leaks (fire alarm and gas alarm).  The burglar(thief) security system: burglar warning will be activated to tell the user.   Lighting system: the lamps will be activated when the door is opened and still activated until  the user presses the deactivated push button.  And many systems can be added like heat control system.  Elements of a home automation system include sensors (such as temperature, daylight, or motion detection), controllers (such as a general-purpose personal computer) and actuators, such as motorized valves, light switches, motors, and others.