Bulletproof design

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Haitham Al-Bzoor
Saeed Turkman
Mahdi Majjad
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Armor are of great importance in protecting the fighters from the serious injuries and with the development of weapons and their diversity, there is a need to develop and manufacture armor capable of repelling and mitigating the impact of these weapons for the protection of security men and Machines. Because of the lack of armor currently in place to deal with modern weapons, there was a need for the manufacture of armor to meet the purpose and solve the problems of the current shields such as heavy weight and low flexibility and high cost and high resistance to penetration. Materials that used in the manufacture of armor such as aluminum alloys and steel sheets have problems; its ability to deal with the massive development of weapons and high bullet speed has become weak and heavy steel sheets weight. In this project was worked on using fiber materials such as Kevlar, which have better properties than the materials used and have a high ability to resist penetration and high elasticity coefficient and have a lower weight. In a specific arrangement, similar parts of the armor and the bullet were drawn using the ABAQUS software, where the Kevlar properties were defined on the armor, a study was made on the angle of the Kevlar layers to choose the appropriate angle, and the appropriate angle for the arrangement of the layers was (90-0), and when applying the final shape of the armor was Directing the bullet at its real velocity (380 m / s) on a different number of layers of armor, each layer equal 0.25 mm, where the energy of the entire bullet was absorbed at the number of layers equal 24, and the velocity reached 0 m / s. After that the bullet was directed with several Shapes (cylinder, cone, hemisphere), and the largest energy absorption was cylinder shape then hemisphere then cone.