Sport Recreation Center

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Ali, Abd Alhafeez
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Project: Recreational Sports Center Location: This facility will be built in the town of Hajja in the district of Qalqelya. The City Hall is providing a lot of 30 dunms to be used for this project. Since there are lots of cypress and pine trees, I will either relocate them or implant them in my plans. Project/Floor Plan 1. Indoor Sport court 2. Indoor swimming pool 3. Recreational Quarter which will consist of (gym, bowling alley, tennis court, lounge and a cafe) 4. Restaurants with Teraces .) 5. A park and outdoor recreational facilities 6. Soccer field 7. Kids play area 8. Running & Walking Tracks Concept : Sport is one of the most important parts of our daily life, and It expresses the movement, activity and vitality. So using this vitality to express the project by making the project itself vital,and presents the activity and movement, and finally by the composition of several parts of the project to express the separation of different activities from each other, and thus encourage people to move comfortably in the place.