High Tech Robotic System for Off-Site Shelving

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Habash, Sami
Hamdan, Ibrahim
Azmi, Muhannad
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Fully Automated shelving and retrieval system using Autonomous Robot is an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS), computer-controlled, and electro-mechanical machine for depositing, sorting, storing, and retrieving loads. The system performs the following functions: sorting and retrieving. The system has three different directions based on X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis. This project is good for saving time and reducing labor costs in storage and retrieval tasks. In addition to saving time in small places where people need to be sorting and retrieving goods. Furthermore, they can also be used in factories to increase storage capacity. So, this project could help workers to save their time and reduce effort. In this design of the project, we designed a prototype for an automated retrieval and storage system (ASRS) that can be developed to be a commercial ASRS system; we will focus on system simplicity and cost-saving. Reason being that the automated systems available on the market are complex, heavyweight, and expensive. This ASRS prototype control system based on Arduino with a computer and the commands can be entered from the serial input of Arduino to making sorting or retrieving process.