This Thesis is Submitted to the Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Graduate Studies, An-Najah National University

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Abu-Ayyash., “Layla
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ِAn-Najah National University
Every urban environment is distinctive from the other due to its significant characteristics that define its identity, these characteristics are not limited to the physical aspect of the urban space, but it also extends to involve the societal qualities of the inhabitants and their daily activities that they are able to practice and are enhanced by their lived environment. This study attempts to understand and interpret the morphological characteristics of the built environment in one of the neighborhoods of Nablus, which has been considered distinctive being as one of the oldest neighborhoods emerging in the city during the British mandate as a natural expansion due to population growth outside the boundariesof the old city of Nablus. The main aim of this thesis is to analyze how the urban characteristics of this neighborhood developed and evolved through time, affecting meanwhile on its livability and inhabitants activities. The research methodology adopted is deductive, descriptive, analytical, and historical based on both qualitative and quantitativeapproaches of data collection and case study. The tools used to collect information include: personal observations, semi-structured interviews with different age-groups (children, adults), site survey, computer science, and urban analysis. For an in-depth investigation, a case study neighborhood situated in a strategic location adjacent to the old city of Nablus was chosen named Ras Al-Ain neighborhood. The study starts by analyzing the metrological urban development of the area in line with the expansion of the city of Nablus. Then, it examines the different levels of its morphological resolutions (blocks/plots, buildings forms and heights, street patterns, and land use), in order to reach for a clear vision about the neighborhood available urban space potentials and problems that affects the enhancement of the inhabitants social activities. The study reveals the real needs of the people living in the neighborhood, and shows some of the children mental maps and demands towards the improvement of their urban spaces qualities. Thesis concludes with feedback on the existing conditions and translate it into on ground and achievable suggested actions and practical solutions for the optimization and integration of Ras Al-Ain, in order to have a distinguished urban environment that encourage people social life and interactions in a good conditioned urban spaces. Keywords: Urban Morphology, Ras Al-Ain,Neighborhood, Social Activities, Urban Space.
Changing Urban Landscape Effects on Social Activit