Real Time Smart Vehicle Plate Detection And Management System

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Salatneh, Zeina
Samaro, Rania
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As the number of automobiles grows rapidly, traffic and pollution problems increase as well, for example, car theft, speeding, and running the red light also Traffic congestion particularly in downtown areas have badly impacted the environment and increased air pollution, mainly due to the emission of gas pollutants released from vehicle engines. These pollutants are toxic with adverse effects on human health also. Due to the above mention able problems, vehicle tracking, recognition and management has become a major topic of modern traffic control system. So that we are going to build a wireless system called Automobile Real Time Smart Vehicle Plate Detection And Management System to alleviate the traffic congestion problem with a potential to directly impact the environment by decreasing air pollution, noise pollution and carelessness of the citizens to pay the License and insurance bills. If our system is used in efficiently , it will help to reduce those problems and keep the citizens safe our idea will be smart and efficient because it will be based on tag technology which is special due to its low cost and availability in the market . Our project will depend on tag technology which is going to be used as follow : Each car will carry a tag with a unique ID such as car plate number, in the area , there will be a tags reader that reads this tag ID and sends it via wifi to a center server which has the full information for each one of the ID's, this information include car plate number, registration, vehicle type and offences and legal ownership, if there is something illegal such as unpaid insurance or license bills, the information of the illegal car will be sent to android application, which is installed on policeman mobile who is in the area and he will take the necessary actions .