Palestinian Public Opinion Polls No. 27

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An-Najah National University/ Opinion Polls and Survey Studies Unit
Confrontations in the Gaza Strip are renewed after an air of optimism ‎prevailed among Palestinian ‎people following the formation of the Unity ‎Government. Palestinian citizens were optimistic prior ‎to these ‎confrontations that the new Unity Government will restore order in the ‎Palestinian ‎streets through implementing a security plan. New realities ‎imposed themselves and the new ‎government has not succeeded in ‎implementing its security plan yet. In the same context, the ‎Minister of ‎Interior Affairs resigned protesting, as he says, not granting him enough ‎political power ‎that would enable him to execute his responsibilities ‎properly.‎ On the political side, things are stand still; nothing tangible has been ‎achieved towards ending the ‎political and financial sanctions imposed on ‎the Palestinian Authority despite the tremendous ‎efforts made by ‎ministers to end the siege. The crisis of salaries, which have not been ‎paid to ‎employees, is escalating especially after the strike declared by ‎public employees threatening of a ‎total collapse of the educational and ‎health sectors.‎ As for the relationship with Israel, more than one Palestinian official ‎declared that the regular ‎meetings between President Mahmoud Abbas ‎and the Israeli Prime Minister have been stopped ‎on an Israeli request. It ‎is worth mentioning that these meetings, according to Palestinian ‎‎government officials were useless.‎ On the battlefield Israel continues its policy of killing, destructions and ‎frequent incursions inside ‎most areas of the West Bank and threatening ‎to invade the Gaza Strip.‎