Study of the Effect of Quarry Dusts on the Respiratory System of People around Quarries and Stone Saws

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Saleem, Qasam
Bishawi, Shahd
Hasan, Hiba
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While healthcare services aim to reduce the health problems and to save human lives, this services leave behind tons of waste which are considered as hazardous materials because they contain toxic materials and infectious microbial, and they are considered as a hazard to human and environment. Medical waste require careful disposal and containment before collection and consolidation for treatment. The objective of this study was to analyze and evaluate the present status of medical waste management in some hospitals. A survey for medical waste disposal was performed in order to examine the status of medical waste disposal in some hospitals in Nablus and to properly management if this type of hazardous waste. In our study, we will rely on questionnaire and information that we will gather from hospitals, specialists and those interested in this subject to assess the quantity, collection, types and way of disposal for this waste.