Sorting Machine

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Al-Boom, Radwan
Yahya, Mohammad
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Abstract In light of today's technological development and as a result of the spread of the Coronavirus, it has become necessary to use machines to reduce the number of workers in factories, for this reason we decided to work on a machine that helps factories sort goods. From our point of view, this project will help the factories to sort the goods easier and in less time without the need for a large number of workers to do this task. One of the most important objectives of the project: facilitating the task of sorting goods at the lowest costs and the least number of workers by doing this automatically. The project consists of two main parts, the first part is the arm that carries the goods from the place where they are stored before sorting and putting them on a conveyor belt, the component of this part consists of servo motors, NodeMCU esp8266 for wireless communication, NodeMCU motor shield and IR sensor for detecting objects. The second part consists of a conveyor belt for the goods and it's controlled by a DC motor and there is a camera that was connected with a raspberry pi for making the streaming server, so that when the object passes down the camera, there will be an IR sensor which detect this object and it will stop conveyor belt from moving to allow the camera to take a picture to that object, and this picture will be processed by the server to determine the shape of the captured object. The stream will be displayed on a remote device (iPad, smart phone, etc..). The DC motor and IR sensor will be connected to an Arduino board, The server will be the link between Part One and Part Two by sending suitable control signals. There are many projects like ours that help factories sort goods in an efficient way, but what distinguishes our project is that it utilizes artificial intelligence to determine the shape of the captured object, instead of using off-the-shelf sensor units.