The Effectiveness Of Green Features On Life Cycle Cost - Aqqaba Green School

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ليلى ابو وعر
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Could you recognize the massive environmental, health and losses that we might face as a result of the traditional construction? Green building is the key. Since building and construction sector occupies the first place as the largest contributor to pollution and natural resource consumption, “green buildings “were introduced as a high potential solution to improve the performance of the built environment in term of economic, health, and environmental aspects by using innovative techniques that will reduce energy and water consumption, reduce emissions, reduce waste as well as maintain a moderate temperature. This research focused on the green buildings in Palestine and their assessment mechanism, as well as difficulties and challenges Encountered. Later on, the economic and environmental aspects of the green building during its life cycle will be highlighted, which will have the greatest role in attracting and encouraging investors. Moreover, increasing people's knowledge of green buildings and their awareness of the urgent need to implement these buildings at the present time by posting a questionnaire on different social media websites which in turn assesses the extent of their knowledge of its importance. Later, the economic aspect will be studied by converting a traditional building to a green one as well as a feasibility studies will be done on both cases