Sorda Building

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Alaa Mohammad Anabseh
Jihad Abdelnasser AbdelHaq
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  Sorda project located at Sorda village, Ramallah. This project represents the design of a multifunctional building. The building is contains stories intended to be used for residential purposes. The proposed design will be evaluated for resisting gravity loads as well as earthquake. These types of Projects are of good advantages. This project will help people to find places to live in and it will create jobs for the Palestinians. We need to analyze a 3D dynamic structural model for the building under static and dynamic loads to make the mathematical model representative for the structure in reality. The analysis is verified using conceptual hand calculation for 1D model. Detailed design using manual and a software program will also be presented. Comparison between our conceptual analysis/design and the results from the software program will be high lightened. 
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