Psychiatric and mental hospital

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Redefining the concept of therapy and psychiatry to create green spaces designed specifically to stimulate treatment through contemplation and to create spaces for multiple internal and external treatment activities with a modern and comfortable design that encourages the orientation towards psychotherapy. The building was designed with straight lines that meet its ends with curved lines to eliminate the idea of the presence of sharp corners that negatively affect the patient's psychological treatment program. The green roofs were combined with the natural land that was dealt with, manipulated, and designed in the middle area to be an area of contemplation while it was left on its nature in the rest of the areas to help the idea of being in nature and exploiting its psychological reflection on the patient. Rather, the shape of the building came from the idea of functional separation and the separation of health cases of different degrees between acute, chronic and solitary, and the external reception area was separated from the rest of the project blocks so that it does not constitute any inconvenience or an effect on patients, and the movement between the blocks was taken into account when needed and within the same block