Look & find me Game

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Donia Ibrahim
Doa'a Mohammad
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Playing games is important not only for adult but also for all ages of people for some specific reasons. Our game is focus on  children segment . We think it is a nice way to spend their leisure time and for Entertainment .Playing games helps kids to keep their mind fresh. Our game is called (look & find me) the game will be different environments like forest, city, sea ,school etc. each level has  an pictures according to the environment ,and the part of the picture which is given to the kids to look for and when to find then  moving next level. The game can be complicated  by increasing the number of parts to be search . also by timer, the kids should find all parts at specific duration  . Methodology that we will used  eclipse for java and we used library called  libgdx we choice this library for  many reasons  .Libgdx is a cross-platform game development library written in Java. It abstracts away the differences between writing desktop, Android, iOS and HTML5 games based on standards like OpenGL ES. Applications can be prototyped and developed entirely on the desktop.  We were confused between this library or andengine but andengine the newest version we cant see our progress on the emulator we need device so we choose libgdx because it runs on desktop .