Palestinian National Center for Epidemiology and Diseases

Due to the critical importance of health services, which are considered one of the most important services that societies seek to provide Everywhere, it must be provided in a way that suits the population increase, urban expansion and the needs of the population and other needs, helping to solve existing health problems anywhere that in turn lead It aims to improve the performance of the individual in his society and increase production and material and intellectual creativity Studies that there is a relationship between the health level of the population and the distance from the location of health services, Therefore, the study of health centers and their spatial spread as well, is necessary to show the extent of their adequacy and the satisfaction of needs population thereof. And out of the desire to improve the health level in cases of epidemics in Palestine, a project was proposed Entitled (The Palestinian National Center for Epidemiology and Diseases) to provide all the health needs of citizens in such areas as these cases. The project was designed to be divided into three parts: administrative, therapeutic and research in the eastern region of the city Nablus even serves a wide range of West Bank and local residents within the city. The idea of the project was the complete separation of its parts to control epidemics in the event of their occurrence, and to achieve more A measure of security and safety within the bio-safety laboratories, and the idea of the therapeutic natural environment was relied on within the project.