Down Syndrome Rehabilitation Center

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Down Syndrome Center is a rehabilitation and vocational training center for children with Down Syndrome, to provide them with the appropriate environment to help them integrate into society and to create effectiveness for them in society while providing the appropriate environment for them to entertain, educate and provide the treatments they need The center serves the area of Nablus. The center also includes several main spaces: the reception area, patient diagnosis and registration, the family guidance area, the health department space, the educational department space, the rehabilitation department space, and the library. Occupational therapy: occupational therapy is one of the most important psychological treatments, so a vocational rehabilitation department has been allocated in the center, where this space includes two crafts that were chosen according to the abilities of people with Down syndrome. In it, he points out that there are many studies that prove that people with Down syndrome enjoy gardening and gardening, which reflects on them, their personality, their self-confidence, their independence and their self-reliance. Educational department: Two areas have been allocated in the space, a special area for ages from 6 to 10 years and accommodates 30 people (the number of this category in Nablus) and a special area for a stage from 11 to 18 years and accommodates 48 people (the number of this category is Nablus), where classrooms have been allocated with a capacity of class 8 students A shop area was also provided to display handicrafts made by students