An-Najah Academic Activity During the Involuntay Closure 1987-1991‎

dc.contributor.authorBahjat Sabri
dc.description.abstractThis study aims to find answers for questions: How An-Najah National University administrator managed to continue during forced closures? In order to answer these questions one must focus on three aspects of the teaching process: Classroom Instruction: Students in their final year, New students admission, The forced closure led the academic and administrative staff to implement substitute teaching schedule for student in their final years in order to finish their admission requirements. During closure teaching process took place in public places in the city such as mosques, private schools, centers and non government organizations. The duration of teaching was 12 weeks instead of 16 with 4 meetings during the week instead of 3. Then the administration extended this program to include all students at different levels with one could take a maximum of 2 courses. This continued until 1991, when the university was reopened. 179 students graduated in the scholastic year 1987/1988. For new students, criterias were established and new students were accepted on the basis of equal opportunity and according to competitive GPA. The university administration looked at these issues and dealt with them for the duration of the crises.en
dc.titleAn-Najah Academic Activity During the Involuntay Closure 1987-1991‎en
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