Enhanced Parking System

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Ahlam Atout Asma Alawneh
Diala Ashour
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Abstract Since the existing parking machines are imported, their prices and maintenance cost is high. Also they lack some necessary features we are aiming to add. The improved parking machine will recognize coins through an image processing algorithm followed by an intelligence network, and will send alerts to the users as a reminder of his time schedule and the possibility of increasing or decreasing parking time periods. A GSM module with some sort of a microcontroller might be a possible solution.Coin recognition through an image processing algorithm followed by a neural network. After recognizing the coin, several steps are to be considered including the due time, the alerts, and data records saving in a base that contains user related information.A parking machine is a device used to collect money in exchange for the right to park a vehicle in a particular place for a limited amount of time. For the existing system, if the time ends and the car still in the place, the police will issue a violation ticket for the customer. This can be considered a waste of time and money, moreover the maintenance costs are expensive since such machines are imported.  So there is a need to develop this system to be more economic and more efficient.This project describes a brief introduction to the improved parking machine and discuss techniques that is used to distinguish between coins, which is the first step in this project, after coin has been discriminated, a programmable controller starts timing according to the a mount of money that the customer inserts. Before the time ends up, the system will send a message to the customer as a reminder and asking him if he needs more time, if yes, the timing will be adjusted accordingly. This can be an economical solution for the government side, also for the customer it helps to keep extra time in his account if he doesnt use the entire period, and may use it later Significance 1. The car owner could park his car and get busy and forget about it, making him go through extra trouble and expenses when paying his tickets. So the warning SMS sent to his mobile is an effective reminder.2. Economically and from the operators' point of view, if we look at the price and maintenance cost of the imported parking machines we have, the numbers are huge because they have to be shipped all the way to their manufacturers every time they need maintenance.3.  Helps the user keep extra time in his account if he doesnt use the entire period he pays for, and use it later.4.  Required police supervision will be minimized since the system has been automated, and they dont need to keep checking which cars have taken extra time.5. It will achieve discipline and order, making more parking spaces available for users.  
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