Optimization of Private Sector Involvement in the Palestinian Water Sector Governance

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Judeh, Tariq
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جامعة النجاح الوطنية
Private sector involvement (PSI) in water sector is a sensitive issue that may be affected by several factors such as: investment determinants, economic situation of the country, legal aspects, social aspects and political aspects, these factors make PSI success level varies from state to another. Palestinian water sector suffers from various problems including: variability in water quantities from one governorate to another, dependency on donor countries, week relationships between the different institutions in the Palestinian water sector, and failings in the management and development of water resources. All of these shortcomings, especially the economic ones, need to be taken into consideration. However, there are limited studies on the governance of PSI in the Palestinian water sector. This research was conducted in order to achieve the following objectives: the first one: conduct SWOT analysis for PSI in the Palestinian water sector, the second: identify the key types, areas, framework, and legal framework for PSI in the Palestinian water sector, and finally: optimize the best PSI techniques in the Palestinian water sector through qualitative analysis of collected data