Bethlehem Commercial Building

dc.contributor.advisorMonther Dwaikat
dc.contributor.authorDaoud Daragmeh
dc.contributor.authorKhalid Adeli
dc.contributor.authorMoheeb Nassar
dc.description.abstractAl-Quds Commercial building locate in Bethlehem , to the West of the nativity church . The total area of the building proximate about 14000 m2. The building contain five faculities including:          Parking          Stores          Offices          Hotel          Roof restaurant The main faculity is the Hotel . The graduation project of our team countain a redesignfor the building , where this redesign was in theArchituctural and structural parts. The design was in Mechanical and Electrecal sides,where each of them includs the following: Mechanical :          Water supply for the building.          Drinage water system .          Fire resistants system includes : 1.      Hose system. 2.      Sprinklers syste Electrical:          Parking light system.          Hotel light system .          Offices light system.          Roof restaurant ligh system.          Entrances light system.          Lightning protection. The Structural in this project countain the design forstatical and dynamic (Earthquakes) forces , and checkedfor the fire hazaurds in the building.  en
dc.titleBethlehem Commercial Buildingen
dc.typeGraduation Project
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