Safe Elderly

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Nassar, Abeer
Al-Zayed, Yara
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The elderly need intensive help, care and monitoring for their health, especially ones who have chronic diseases, as well the doctors must be always in touch with them to track their medical conditions. Caregivers who might be a family member or a nurse in elderly nursing houses are the primary care providers who are in direct touch with our beloved old persons and their connection to their doctors, the more they are aware of medical conditions the better the care they will provide for them. So we have the idea to make things easier for patients, primary care providers as well as doctors. Our Elderly System is a mobile application through which the caregiver will have a care profile to log all pertinent information and to receive notifications reminding them off medication timings as well as to fill the required daily report of medical information (including Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, temperature, new symptoms, Etc.) which will be transmitted to the responsible doctor who will have different application mode. In addition, caregivers will be able to send messages and take appointment from the doctor. The app will offer a space for multiple caregivers and family members to share pertinent information. On the other side of the system, the doctor will be able to look at his patient’s profile, daily medical information which will be represented as charts and graphs to make a decision for adding or removing medication or arrange a required appointment which will notify the caregivers or send him a message. The elderly himself also must have the application to allow the tracking feature by the caregiver to ensure that he is safe and ok. In case an emergency situation happens with elderly person he will have the choice to activate the alert button which will notify the care provider that his patient needs help providing him with the exact location, as these features will be supported and implemented with Google maps API’s. Moreover, the application will be used to facilitate the care management at the elderly nursing houses where we have a larger number of old persons per a care provider. All these features and other extra ones that will be added, will help to achieve many goals, such as making the caregiver communication with the health team more agile, reducing caregiver’s stress, providing the health team information about the patient’s condition more often in an organized manner, facilitating decision-making and improving medical monitoring for a better health. The application will be developed for the android platform using android SDK, and for the tracking feature, we will use the Google Maps API’s.