Implementation of Quality Function Deployment Tool in Dairy Industries

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Khalid Lahham
Mohammad Hadadeh
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Dairy is one of the most important materials that it needs the Palestinian house in our markets there are many of our products, including Palestinian dairy products and the main rival with it Israeli products. A large number of people in our society Preferring Israeli products due to their high quality and their cost. We will try in this project to apply a Quality Function Deployment QFD standard that satisfy the customer needs and improve the quality of the diary products to take a part in market competition with other product. This sort of study has been applied in Palestine before in some universities such as An-Najah National University and Birzeit University, but it hasnt applied in Nablus diary factories before, so we will apply this study on a specific factory in Nablus, since the market share of diary factories in Nablus are low in respective with other factories  share. A sample of customers will be selected to know what are the specifications they find in competitive products and doesnt exist in our product and to make an improvement on our product to satisfy the customers needs. The objectives of this project are: 1)      Improve the quality of our local dairy products. 2)      Improve the product through some specifications to meet the customer needs. 3)      Increase the market share of our local product. 4)      Discover the weak points in local products. We expect to achieve all the objectives that we are working on, and to get all the results that are we want, in addition improving the quality of our product to gain more share in market and to take part in competition, and to determine the weak points and improve it to make it a strong one.