Speech Driven computer

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Rami Younes
Ala Qraryh
Mahmoud Dababsa
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The wireless patient monitoring system was designed to monitor a patient while offering the convenience of being at home and carrying on with ones day-to-day activities. It acquires, transmits, processes, and displays three physiological signals, using wireless modules to communicate from a remote unit to its base station. The remote unit carried by the patient incorporates sensors to obtain the electrocardiogram, the body temperature, and the blood oxygen saturation concentration and to coordinate their transmission to the base station. The system is intended to be home-based, using a personal computer to run Matlab-based software for data collection and processing. An integrated patient alert feature alerts the patient if one of the measured physiological parameters is outside of the range set by his or her doctor. The software also has the capability to email the collected data to doctors, allowing greater flexibility and convenience for off-site continuous monitoring