Dual Converter with Power Transistor and Speed Control for DC Motor

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Amena Ateeli
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           Some cases need operating the machine in the four quadrant for high power application, and speed control of dc motor so the dual converter is used, Also we will put in this project the ability of changing the flow of energy and the rotating direction of the machine, so the cost will be less than the usual dual that are of the same features, and we usedPIC  language to write the program to control  this converter.            The speed of a driven load often needs to run at a speed that varies according to the operation it is performing. The speed in some cases such as Cutting tools may need to constant speed to suit the conditions, and in other cases may only change with a change in process. Electric motors and coupling combinations used to constant the speed in the system. Closed loop controllers employ a feedback loop to keep the motor at constant speed