Inductive Link communication (car barking identification)

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Asad Faraj El-Bizreh
Belal Bani Jaber
Mothana Hakawati
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The project is essentially a practical application on the car park  (Garage), which consists of the process of communication between a transmitter located inside the car and a receiver is under the ground (in the entrance of the car park(Garage))  .    As a result of this contact the gate(door) of the car park (Garage) will open  automatically. where the transmitter is inside the car and each car has a specific code and this code will be sent in a continuous from a transmitter system , and when the car come to the entrance of the car park (Garage) the transmitter sends a code of the car by a magnetic field to the receiver located under the ground, as the receiver receives a code of the car and check if this code was one of the existing codes which are  allowed to enter the car park, if the car was carrying the code which is allowed to enter then the receiver give an order to open the gate(door) of the car park to the car, and if the code was not part of this codes (codes which are allowed to enter the gate) then the door remains closed and the car dont enter the car park(Garage). The first idea :    The Final result :