Guide Stick for Blind

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Qawareeq, Zahraa
Mohammed, Islam
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People around the world face difficulties in moving in streets, because they cannot detect If there is an obstacle in front of them or not, which makes the walking dangerous and Not safe, so we proposed a smart stick to help them identify the world around them And move smoothly. The smart stick contains four ultrasonic sensors to detect any Obstacles in front of the user, detect staircases and the direction of stair if up or down. Water sensor was placed at the bottom of the stick for the sake of avoiding puddles, LDR sensor to detect the presence and absent of the light and Accelerometer determine Acceleration, then a warning message played using serial player mp3 recording player And the vibration motor are activated when any obstacle is detected. We used an Arduino and GSM shield to be able to track the stick. The smart stick was proposed To be low cost, quick response, lightweight and its power consumption is low.