Interactive Story Studio (ISS)

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Samah Ktaifan
Dana Yasin
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Our project was to design a system that enables storytellers to build interactive stories that runs on iOS and android without any programming expertise.An interactive story is one that allows kids to interact with all the elements shown on the screen and perform multiple actions on such elements. This increases the enjoyment of the story and opens many opportunities for educational and novel experiences.In this project we followed a content-driven approach, i.e. we built a studio that can be used by the storyteller to design and build the story using a drag-and-drop approach (i.e. no programming expertise is required). Once the story is completed, the studio will export all the elements of the story (images, sound effects, music track, scenes, text, actions, etc.) as an xml file and resource files. The second part of our system (the Loader or Engine) runs on the mobile platform and loads the exported file to make the story come alive on the mobile device.The studio software is developed using java to enable storytellers to design their stories on any platform. The Loader/Engine is developed to run on iOS or android platforms using cross-platform frameworks.There are many interactive stories in the App Store like Alice for iPad for example, however our goal was to make a studio that can be used to build any number of stories in a flexible and easy way without any programming expertise.