Family Relations In The Holy Qur'an

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Salwa Saleem Shalbe
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Praise and thanks giving to ALLAH, lord of the universe; and may the peace of ALLAH be on our master, MUHAMMAD, on his kin and all his companions. This research aims at studying the familial relationships in the Holy Qur'an. It implies as well the matrimonial relationships, the relations of fathers with their sons; and the sons with their fathers for the sake of pinpointing the interest of ISLAM with Man as a human creature having his own rights and duties that he is to comply with. This research came in the form of an introduction and three main sections in addition to a conclusion where the researcher has made the prelude in it for the discourse about the family in language and expression. Then she moved to the importance of it and followed it with the talk about it in language and expression as well; and the importance of it. The first section came for the purpose of illustrating the matrimonial relationships; and the second one for the discussion of the relations of offspring with their ancestors; i.e..,(the rights of fathers on their sons). And the third section was destined for the subject of fathers' & sons' relations (the rights of the sons). At last, the researcher has concluded her research with the manifestation of a few recommendations.
الحمد لله رب العالمين والصلاة والسلام على خاتم الأنبياء والمرسلين المبعوث رحمة للعالمين، وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين. وبعد... فإن هذا البحث يهدف إلى دراسة العلاقات الأسرية في القرآن الكريم وتتضمن العلاقات الزوجية وعلاقة الآباء بالأبناء والأبناء بالآباء؛ لإبراز مدى اهتمام الإسلام بالإنسان كمخلوق بشري له حقوق وعليه واجبات. وقد جاء هذا البحث في: تمهيد وثلاثة فصول رئيسة وخاتمة جعلت التمهيد للحديث عن الأسرة لغة واصطلاحاً وأهميتها، والزواج لغة واصطلاحاً وأهميته، وجعلت الفصل الأول لتوضيح نظرة القرآن الكريم للعلاقات الزوجية، أما الفصل الثاني فجعلته للحديث عن علاقة الأبناء بالآباء (حقوق الآباء على الأبناء)، وجعلت الفصل الثالث للحديث عن علاقة الآباء بالأبناء (حقوق الأبناء)، ثم ختمت البحث ببيان بعض التوصيات.