TULKARM Municipality Building

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Tulkarm is considered the center of Tulkarm Governorate and it provides governmental and administrative services to about 38 villages surrounding the city. Tulkarm is considered an agricultural city famous for growing citrus, vegetables and almonds, and it uses artesian wells and rain to irrigate its crops. Tulkarm has an area of 32,610 km2 and a population of 61,941, according to 2007 statistics. The city needs a new building that expresses it and provides it with what its residents need from local administrative bodies, so I chose that my graduation project be a municipality building for the city of Tulkarm, as it will be a decent building from an architectural point of view, expressing the history of Tulkarm and expressing the culture of Tulkarm and its people, and it will also be a decent building from the functional and aesthetic aspect in order to reflect the image of Tulkarm and its development. The building will be designed so that it takes into account the uses of the population and its workers and in order to meet the needs of citizens with high efficiency in terms of ease of use of the building, provide the necessary spaces for each administrative department, and organize the areas of the building to facilitate its movement and relocation, and will help the building to unify the population and provide opportunities for cooperation between citizens and workers in this building It would positively assist Tulkarm's development in the future The design of the building included so that all the land was used by providing internal and external spaces, as the building not only served the citizens and its workers, but also provided a public office and external reading places in order to allow its use of all age groups and to be an inclusive building for people of all ages. My research will deal with general and detailed information about government buildings, what are their departments, what are the design standards used and appropriate to perform the function of the building, and general information about the city of Tulkarm and the government buildings in it to date. The information was gathered from several different sources: • Through interviews with the workers involved in the project • Interviews with residents of Tulkarm • Previous research and bachelor's reports • Various books related to the research project