Structural Analysis and Design of Tubas Electricity

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Dana Abed Fattah
Safaa Sulayman
Orayb Khateeb
Abeer Abed Alhaq
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  Tubas district Electricity Company is branch of north Electricity Company in Nablus which is located in Tubas village to the east of Nablus city. Tubas Company is an office building. The main function of the company is to distribute electricity for Tubas village. In this project we will perform structural analysis and design of the building. We will choose an economic structural system to carry static and dynamic loads acting on the building. The scope and objective of the work are to analyze and design the structure of Tubas Electric Company .In phase one of the project all work focused on gravity loads. In phase two of the project, the design of reinforced concrete building for seismic loads in addition to full shop drawings for every structural element is completed. Tubas Electricity Company building attracted our attention because of its special geometry and shape which is worth to be designed and analyzed. It consists of three stories which are different in shape with two blocks that are separated by a thermal joint. In addition to its attractive geometry, it includes some secondary parts of steel with concrete as a major material. For these reasons, Tubas building is classified as a challenging structure.