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Aya Nassar
Ruoa Awaysa
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In today's educational landscape, fostering meaningful connections and collaboration among students is crucial. Firstly, we as computer engineering students ,we need a culture of collaboration and lifelong learning among students by enabling us to share our expertise and acquire new skills from peers. Moreover, among students and both courses and societies. This promotes a dynamic and supportive learning environment, enhancing overall educational outcomes. Additionally, bridges the gap between students and student societies, facilitating seamless communication, resource sharing, and event coordination. We decide to create project named “Skill Swap” enables University Students to exchange skills and knowledge with others. It creates a platform where Students can share their experiences in some areas while learning something new from someone else in return as well as facilitate seamless skill-sharing and collaboration within the university community .It also enable students to find academic support through tutoring, study groups, and access to course materials and interact with societies. Our app will include 3 personal accounts : Students , Societies , and Courses Center . Many functionalities are provided through the app: • Students Account will include their academic achievements, majors, and educational background. And they can Specify skills they possess or skills they are looking to learn . • Students can connect with peers who share similar academic interests helping to foster a sense of community by group chat. • Students can search and participate to courses , events and workshops from courses center and Societies in their area of interest. • Students can put the areas in which he interested in, and encloses that in profile area. • Societies create profiles detailing their mission, objectives, and activities. • Student can join a society and be a member so, society makes announcements and updates visible to all members . • Society has a calendar where they can mark their events, meetings and workshops, enabling students to join according to the society’s schedule. • Students can book courses, view their bookings, and access details about the courses ,societies through their calendar. • Course Center can list courses they offer, including course descriptions, objectives, and Trainer .And also share class schedules, meeting times, and locations if applicable to students. 2 • A course center Admin can add new courses, and the app can send notifications to students interested in these courses • Course Center can view the students who have join courses and access information about them. • There is a grouping chat b