Competency Management System (CMS)

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Al-Hattab, Alaa’
hashayki, Walaa’
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When companies search for new employees, The results can be inaccurate and uncertain using the usual research methods, Also, many students cannot create a CV and since the CV varies according to job opportunities, so we aim to design a Competency Management System (CMS) for graduate and undergraduate students. Which will form a professional networking with the private sector. The CMS will consist of the following main features such as; 1) make a full profile for each user where the user fills his full information, e.g., contact, education, and skills information that he owns. 2) create/post job opportunities from the private sector. 3) Based on this information and job opportunities CMS creates CV in many forms at the request of the user in addition to the feature of intelligent search for companies who are looking for employees in a particular field, The search results are ranked from best to least based on a particular algorithm that we will create. There are many websites that are similar to our project like CakeResume, Iqresume, and Livecareer which deal with CV mainly. Other websites create more professional and functional networking such as LinkedIn and jobzella.Through our project, we will aggregation these features provided by these websites, and merge them under one website.