The experience of women whom received non pharmacological pain management during labor

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Alaa S Alyamani
Sondos Afefe
Yahia abo Safi
Alaa Rabab`a
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Introduction: labor experience is multidimensional process, and therefore it's difficult to explain and describe, and labor pain consider the second most painful pain in the world. Studies have produced inconsistent findings about it, and allover years many pharmacological and non pharmacological methods were used to reduce that pain and in our study we’re going to use non pharmacological method such as (massage, changing position, support). Aim: this study aimed to assess and investigate the degree and acceptance of using non pharmacological pain management during labor in reducing pain Methods: both quantitative and qualitative methods were conduct , with complete randomization , to select the sample; the sample size was 40 participants selected from labor word from Ramallah complex medical hospital and Rafedia hospital in Nablus ,and they were divided into 2 groups intervention and control group Results: After analyzing the data on SPSS, the result showed that there was a significant relationship between using non pharmacological methods (massage , changing position , support) and reducing labor pain , (p-value = 0.03), and there was differentiation between the two group , the mean of the intervention group was 68 and the control group 71.3 which shows reduction in pain on mcgill questioner. And the most effective method and favorable was massage to the participant. Conclusion: We found most of the participant had accepted using the non-pharmacological techniques in reducing their labor pain because it was effective and helpful in redaction of pain. For the participant they agreed that massage on the back and hands have direct effective in reducing the pain. However, some prefers support from their mothers or husband to help them go over this tiring stage also as expected we found that the women spontaneously change their position without even asking them to do so obviously no one can force the pregnant women to stay sill on the bed while she has hurting. Moreover the majority of the participant agreed that the hospital polices must change to use the non-pharmacological techniques as a replacement of the pharmacological techniques
non pharmacological methods (massage , changing position , support) ,reduce labor pain .