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Maher Hattab
Waseem Albrooz
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  WiTricity technology is transferring electric energy or power over distance without wires. With the basics of electricity and magnetism, and work our way up to the WiTricity technology.Electricity:  The flow of electrons (current) through a conductor (like a wire), or charges through the atmosphere (like lightning). A convenient way for energy to get from one place to another!Magnetism:     A fundamental force of nature, which causes certain types of materials to attract or repel each other. Permanent magnets, like the ones on your refrigerator and the earths magnetic field, are examples of objects having constant magnetic fields.     Oscillating magnetic fields vary with time, and can be generated by alternating current (AC) flowing on a wire. The strength, direction, and extent of magnetic fields are often represented and visualized by drawings of the magnetic field linesElectromagnetism:       A term for the interdependence of time-varying electric and magnetic fields. For example, it turns out that an oscillating magnetic field produces an electric field and an oscillating electric field produces a magnetic field.