Short Communication: Trace Metal Pollution Levels in Some Springs in Nablus

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H. Hilal
I. Amer
R. Salim
Z. Qattawi
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Trace metal concentrations in spring-water of a number of springs around Nablus have been determined. Samples of these waters were taken during November and December of 1985, acidefied with HNO3 to pH 1.5 and then analyzed for their content of lead, copper, zinc, nickel, iron, manganese, magnesium, calcium and hydrogen ions. The method of analysis used was flame atomic absorption spectroscopy with an acetylene -air flame. Hydrogen ion concentration was measured using pH-meter The results showed very low concentrations (well below the safe limits) of lead copper, zinc, nickel, iron and manganese. The pH of the samples studied was within the allowed range. High concentrations of magnesium were found in many samples ; but not high enough to cause a risk. The concentration of calcium in almost all the samples studied was very high and higher than the allowed limit. The use of these waters is harmful to industry and house-hold equipment and probably has an influence in developing kidney stones in persons having the potential for developing kidney stones.