Planning and Design of an Alternate Route to Howwara Road

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Qossay Ziad Awayssa
Ahmad Wajeeh Odeh
Ala,a Yousef Abu-Shamma
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Howwara Road leads to the southern entrance of Nablus City. It serves a large number of travelers, and connects the town with Nablus and other communities. Many reasons led to the idea of constructing an alternate route with high speed to solve the problems that are indicated previously. The importance of the project is to attempt to solve the problems of congestion and accidents related to the indicated traffic.   Other impacts worth noting include:          Positive effects include the expansion of industrial growth along the alternate road and removal of heavy truck traffic from existing road. Negative effects include suburban sprawl with high environmental and infrastructure costs.         Economic impacts are typically small (negative or positive). The alternate road can cause some businesses to fail, yet it can open up new business opportunities as well. To reduce the negative effects, the alternate road should be as close as possible from the existing road and it should be connected with the existing road through the intersections.     1.5 Objective The main objective of this project is to propose an alternate additional route instead of Howwara Road to be used for through traffic. This will facilitate solving noticed problems, especially those related to the congestion and to the high rates of traffic accidents that occur on Howwara Road.