Factors affecting the occurrence of Type II DM in Nablus City

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Noha Kamal Ibraheem El- Barbari
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Type II diabetes has been described to have an epidemic-like spread all over the world with special emphasis on countries experiencing the transition to western lifestyle. Diabetes Mellitus affects more than 14 million cases In the US. and is the leading cause of new blindness and kidney disease. Diabetes also causes nerve disease, heart disease, and stroke each year At least 19000 people die from diabetes and its complication. People with higher than average risk Of type II diabetes are those who are overweight and people who are not physically active. About 317 people over the age of 35 were selected from Nablus community to participate in this study. Study participants were examined for type of work, diet and the extent to which they are involved in physical activity. They were also examined for weight, height fasting blood sugar and blood pressure. SPSS software was used to provide descriptive and cross-tabulation analysis of collected data, the also relationship between the risk factors to develop type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and one or more of lifestyle patterns was examined Almost all results were consistent with the findings of international literature especially those related to the neighboring countries like Saudi Arabia. Conclusions of our study confirms that: - Diabetes Type II can be prevented as in all other studies about the subject. - There is a significant relation between lifestyle, diet, and occurrence of Type 2 Diabetes. - Even though level of general education for study sample was good, knowledge about the disease was very low. -Males demonstrated to be more susceptible for type 2 diabetes than females of the same age group in the sample study.
يوجد اكثر من 14 مليون أمريكي مصابون بالمرض فى الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية، وهذا يؤدى إلى مضاعفات منها العمى أو أمراض الكلى وكذلك مراض الأعصاب وامراض القلب. الأشخاص الذين لديهم استعداد اكثر للإصابة بالنوع الثاني من مرض السكري هم الذين يعانون من زيادة بالوزن والذين لا يمارسون أي نوع من الرياضة خلال حياتهم اليومية. لقد تم اخذ عينه من 317 رجل وامرأة من مدينه نابلس في فلسطين من هم اكثر من 35 سنه، ويعلمون بأنهم غير مصابين بالمرض تم فحص السكر بالدم واخذ القياسات وتعبئه البيانات وتحليلها . النتائج كانت تشابه نتائج الدراسات في البلدان المجاورة وفى العالم . من أهم هذه النتائج: - كل من ظهر معهم المرض لم يكونوا يعرفوا انهم مصابون به. - لقد كان واضح العلاقة بين ظهور المرض ونوع الحياة والغذاء الذي يتناوله الفرد. - ظهر المرض بنسبه الضعف في الذكور عن الإناث. - لم يكن يوجد فرق بالمعلومات عن المرض بين المتعلمين أو الأقل تعليم. - كل الدراسات تؤكد امكانيه الوقاية من المرض.