The psychological distress among Palestinian nurses while dealing with critical illness cases

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Yousef Ahmad Mehdawi
Rawan Khader Qawasmi
Maram Mohammed Fiomy • Tasneem Saeed Majdalawi
Nizar Ashraf Barahmeh
Maram Mohammed Fiomy
Tasneem Saeed Majdalawi
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Background: The Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Cardiac Care unit (CCU) is one of the most aggressive, stressful and traumatic hospital environments. Patients and the multidisciplinary team, especially the nursing, are exposed to these unfriendly conditions on a regular basis, with scenarios of ready attendance, serious patients, isolation, fatalities, This makes hospital work arduous . As a result, these professionals are likely to be exposed to a variety of stress-related elements that are prevalent in that setting. Aims : To determine prevalence of psychological distress (stress, anxiety and depression), among Palestinian nurses who working in critical care units in Nablus hospitals. This study investigates the Relationship between nurses’ demographic factor and their( level of distress , emotional fatigue, lack of humanity ,self-achievement , overall burnout ) among Palestinian nurses who working in critical care units in Nablus hospitals. Method : The study is conducted using self‐administered questionnaires, a cross-sectional quantitative design , were conducted with 100 participants in a cardiac care unit (CCU) and intensive care unit (ICU) in governmental and non-governmental hospitals in Nablus city to determine the prevalence of psychological distress. The research involves nurses with diploma , bachelors and master certificate, who choosded by simple random sampling method Result : In general, they showed a significantly higher level of emotional fatigue among nurses who are 26 – 30 years old (p-value = 0.022), and a significantly higher dimension of self-achievement among nurses who work in evening and night shifts (p-value = 0.001). On the other hand, no other demographic factor was significantly related to any difference in nurses distress level or burnout subscales and overall scale Conclusion: It found that the mean distress level was 27.63, which can be considered mildly above the normal distress level according to some previous studies here was a significant moderate positive correlation between higher psychological distress levels and overall burnout scores.
prevalence of distress , stress, anxiety and depression, GHQ ,MBI