The Properties of the Sarsaq Family in Palestine 1869-1948‎

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Amin Abu-Baker
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This study deals with the properties of the Sarsaq family in Palestine during the second half of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century. Their properties, considered one of the properties formed by the Lebanese capitalists in Palestine during that period, came as a result of the capitalist framework of the family in the local and international commercial markets on the one hand, the financial crisis that the Ottoman Treasury from and the severe conditions of the Palestinian farmers on the other. Their properties spread in 60 locations and consisted of about 800000 dunums most fertilized lands. In addition, they indicated the destiny of the fertile lands during the first half of the Twentieth century when the Zionist penetration campaigns targeted by Zionism through its agencies and collaborators of traders and brokers those campaigns were accompanied by organized deportation campaigns supported by the police and the unjust regulations of the British Mandate that aimed at demolishing the homes and Villages of the Palestinian farmers and sabotaging their crops so as to make them leave their homeland and build Jewish settlements on their locations.