Power Electronics Transformer

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Aqra, Amro
Hamad, Marwan
Hamdan, Noor
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A Solid State transformer (SST) –also known as Power Electronics Transformer (PET)- is a take on transformers that makes usage of power electronics in its design in comparison to its conventional counterpart. This means that such a transformer can be considerably lighter and makes usage of control techniques which would dub the network it’s working within as “smart grid”. Another characteristic of such transformer is that it operates at higher frequencies. In our project, we have successfully made a system with two stages of the SST consisting of H-bridges that turns an input DC voltage into a high frequency AC voltage then back down to a DC voltage that is then fed into an inverter and a filter to produce a sinusoidal wave at the output. It should be noted that the system was operating at a frequency of 5k Hz.