Spare Parts and Maintenance Management For Al-Arz company

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Barehan Qishawi.
Dua'a Hammad.
Ruba Radi.
Rula Aqel.
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 From a humble beginning in 1950, producing ice in order to cool water and store food at the time when electricity did not exist, Al Arz Company has evolved to be the leader of frozen treats market in Palestine.   Al Arz grew into a successful producer of high quality extruded ice cream products. In order to keep and improve this level of success the company should pay attention to the maintenance system which they dont have now, because they have moved into a new plant.   So as to avoid break downs in machines which affect, in a way or another, the production process, we suggest making a file for each new machine depending on the historical data for the old machines. This file can be used in identifying the most important spare parts for each machine. Besides, the file helps in predicting about failures in each machine. Moreover, the file makes it easy for anyone to deal with the machine.  Also, we will construct a complete system for controlling spare parts inventory, so we will choose the best location for the spare parts warehouse. Then the way of organizing and keeping the spare parts in the warehouse is very important.  
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