Factors Affecting the Success of Family Business in the West Bank - Zalmout Companies Group as Case Study

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An-Najah National University
This study aimed to identify the factors that are related to family that cause family company to succeed or fail, and the factors that are related to company that cause family company to succeed or fail. The study sample consisted of all thirteen individual of owners and managers of Al-Zalmout companies group. To achieve the study objectives the researcher used a qualitative (case study) approach, which is represented in the detection of the factors that cause family company to succeed or fail. A questionnaire of open questions was designed for this purpose which covers the objective of the study. A structured interview analysis was conducted through developing nodding system for the main and sub themes to find network of concepts for each family business domains that explain the success and failure factors for family business in The West Bank using NVivo10 program. The reliability of the tools was measured by Holsti coefficient the total reliability coefficients is 80.5% and this indicates that the reliability index has acceptable reliability coefficients and satisfies the current study. After collecting the data by direct interviews. The result for the main success factors for family business are (Believe in company vision and mission, diverse investment, family business governing, and holding the core values of honesty and heartfelt). While the main factors for family business failure are (variation in the children number for partners, limitation for the capability component in assessment, lack of accountability, and the influence by the external factors). Major family factors that influence the family business are (The distribution of decision making authority, relationship among family and business members, preparation level of family members and the transition) that cause family company to success or failure, and the main results for the company factor that comprised the family business success are (Planning, Non-family turnover High, going public and Use of outside consultants, advisors and professionals) this, also, means the main factors that have inter correlation to produce a network of influencing factors.