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This resort is located in the Masoudia area, near the village of Burqa, north of Nablus Historically, this area was a rest stop for travelers via the Hejaz Railway, simple houses have appeared since the Ottoman era, providing these travelers with a safe place to rest on the next stage of a long journey. This human need for rest remains unchanged, today's travelers also need a place to rest during life's journey. From this location, the design of this contemporary mountain resort was chosen based on the concept of 'sanctuary', which means 'a place of rest. Al-Masoudia was also greatly affected by the practices of the occupation, which turned it into a military barracks for five years, during which time it changed the features of the region by dismantling the historical railways, while preventing any attempts by the official authorities to restore the region to preserve its history, in addition to issuing repeated decisions to demolish the Al-Masoudia Park, which It includes games for children, a health unit and a small cafeteria. As a result of these practices of the occupation, I chose my project in this area with the aim of reviving it and returning the internal and external movement to it. The project includes chalets with a distinctive view for visitors and in a quiet area. The resort also provides a camping experience in separate and remote units. The resort includes all the services a visitor needs from a hotel, a restaurant, a gym, a spa, car parking, public areas for children's play and seating, playgrounds and barbecue areas, all of which are distributed around the resort and are easily accessible. Finally, the resort provides a new experience for lovers of tranquility and solitude, with a distinctive view at the highest area of the resort that reveals the plains and distinctive terrain of Masouda.