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Affordable housing complex wafaa badran 20211/06/20 Summary: Housing is a natural and universal right) In many countries, the housing shortage (and socio-economic housing in particular) exceeds ( expectations. The high price of housing there is a need to find new solutions. there is no country that does not consider the provision of housing for its citizens the goal of social first state, but many obstacles exist in the implementation and the most important to provide a piece of land suitable in terms of size, price, location. housing finance affordable social and reduce the cost of implementation is the first concern for those in charge of this project, but this does not mean that the neglect of the quality of housing. and it was difficult to take advantage of Western residential models in the housing design is located in the Arab societies for several reasons, such as the area of the blanks ( It is smaller in the West) and privacy (must be more in the Arab regions) to increase the comfort of the individual according to the culture of the community. One of the most important examples in designing this type of housing is the prefabricated housing units that follow spatial standards that do not suit members of the Arab community. The design of the project focused on the lifestyle of people in the Arab community and a deep understanding of their desires and comfort. It was important to involve the residents in the research phase and to study the general situation in the region in terms of the number of people and the preferred area, as well as looking at the financial income of families, social situations and the nature of relationships between individuals. The planning policy adopted in the design focused on the building’s alignment with the borders of the land from the southern and western sides (with the commitment to the setback stipulated 4 meters), which are agricultural lands that are not arable and construction is not allowed, and on the eastern side, which is determined by buildings consisting of 2 to 3 residential floors and Commercial stores A building was built that includes public centres on the first and second floors in addition to housing units on the rest of the floors. As for the front side, which is the northern region, it forms an open area and the main entrance to the housing is bounded by the main street that separates it from the built land by individual residential buildings. The middle area was planned so that It is affiliated with the idea of continuity and centrality, in addition to the correct reading of the entrances to the building and the project as a whole, we use green elements and water to achieve psychological comfort for the residents as well. The general idea of the project is to provide affordable and social residential buildings that take into account the human needs of individuals. The project consists of three connected residential buildings that form a single block, but separately resistant in the form of a letter (L) and close to the boundaries of the land, containing residential apartments distributed between vertical movement units And the fourth building, it forms the last side of the letter (U), so that the three rear borders of the land were exploited to preserve the continuous ruins, also dependent on the movement of the sun and air so that health conditions are taken into account in all apartments. Therefore, the spaces were exploited and all the largest space was concentrated in the central area of the building to be designed as green spaces and public external facilities such as a playground, a park, and others. 40% of the total land area was exploited, which is the maximum allowed space in the ground, with a height of 6-8 floors (floor height 3.25 meters), thus constituting 135 residential apartments (consisting of four to five different types of housing units) according to the number of residents and their location relative to the floor. The basis for the design of the apartments was based on their location in relation to the building, the view and the spaces. The minimum space suitable for the existing community in the area was used. The project relied on the quality of the space and not on its quantity. A public area was provided, which is two blocks consisting of two floors, in which there is a central corridor that connects the central external spaces and green areas with the site of the car park and the internal street. It consists of: a kindergarten, a sports centre, a restaurant and shops, in addition to an office company. With the presence of high floors and continuous space, a huge block was formed and closed on three sides, so it was necessary to provide an architectural solution, so the building was directed towards the formation of floors that decrease as the building goes upwards, in addition to relying on corridors with a height of 2-3 floors between the blocks and the use of curved end slaps as balconies of different diameters In the areas overlooking the centre and fixed diameters in the areas facing the outside, thus breaking the deadlock and boredom in the building. Privacy its an important role in the design process of the project, starting from entering the residential complex until entering the apartment, as the private areas such as bedrooms are located in the back and overlook To the outside, the less private areas, such as the living room and kitchens, overlook the central green area, and the continuous balconies helped separate the central area from the interior spaces. But the use of continuous balconies along the building led to the formation of continuous horizontal lines that were broken using the external stairs and elevators, which also helped to easily read the entrances to the building, in addition to the use of architectural openings from longitudinal doors and windows and the use of aluminium frames longitudinally in the glass facades. The vertical movement elements used in the housing are an open staircase with continuous glass facades overlooking the central areas and internal elevators, each of which reaches four residential apartments, while maintaining the privacy of the entrance in each apartment. The success of an affordable building project depends on the selection of materials, which is dependent on several criteria, the most important of which is the price of each material used in construction, in addition to providing a contractor who is proficient in its use. According to the materials available in the area, the use of concrete to cover the external facades was the best solution. As for the interior areas, it relied on white painted facades, in addition to the glass used in the windows and parquet floors.