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Sami Merae
Mohand Bahar
Yazed Hijab
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Residential buildings are one of the most vital facilities in the country Therefore, the community must take care of these buildings to accomplish the comfort and safety for the residents and satisfy all the requirements of their life. In order to reach an understanding of the standards and methods of design, the building was taken in the city of Nablus, located in the southern mountain - Street Cooperation, where the area is generally overcrowded and this leads to the need of such buildings. The building consists of 10 floors of which is residential and there is also a part including garages. The ground floor is a car garage where the case will be studied and the construction of the due design will meet all construction requirements. The residential and commercial buildings are part of the economy of the community and therefore the engineering staff should be concerned with combining the economy and the security. This project aims to verify the integrity of the structural system of buildings. These tasks include that the building is capable of carrying all loads that are exposed to earthquakes. It also aims to be properly distributed on the bearing parts (columns) and ) shear wall (and that these columns and bearing walls do not conflict with the drawings and architectural pieces of these buildings. This project will contain an introduction that includes a complete description of the project, the nature of the materials used, the nature of the soil, the tests carried out on it, and the nature and types of forces on which the building is being built. The building will be designed according to the required specifications and standards. All necessary tests will be conducted and an example will be designed for each building element. Finally, the building footing will be designed manually and using the SAP 2000 program, the drawings will be made for the building using a program AUTOCAD.