Mountain Resort

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the main purpose of this mountain resort is to give the visitor the chance to enjoy the beauty of nature and relax in the calm environment away from the noise of the city and the pollution of it. As it was designed at a high mountain top taking in consideration the need for easy transportation. the main concept is to create calm and far place and an enjoyable experience, in which all the relaxing and recreational facilities were used, such as internal and external pools, restaurant that fits more than 200 people, spas and mediations rooms, message rooms for singles and couples, as well as interior and exterior play grounds, connected with many cafeterias as needed. they were all easily connected with the chalets in the project to make the movement clear and easy for the visitor. the chalets had private garden and garage, and all of them were connecter with paved roads for the cars and pedestrians. the resort is located on the mountain top that is sloped, which made retaining the privacy much easier without the need to sacrifice the nice view, so both privacy and view were established. the resort contains 32 chalets that varies between family chalets (that has 3 bedrooms) and chalets with 2 bedrooms, as well as studios that had 1 bedroom. this type of project was created after noticing the city need for a calm place, in which such type of project is so rare, specially in these times were the life is so hard and fast for the normal people and is hard to keep up with, so I realized that it is so important to create a resort that gives what the citizen in city of Nablus and the cities of Palestine needs. the philosophical concept was derived from the curved and smooth lines that are created by the falling stars in the nights sky, so the curves of the project imitated those lines, as well as the nature of the project demanded such need for smoothness and organic lines.