Effects of Copper on the Growth, Uptake and Distribution of Uptake in Roots and Shoots of Carrot Plants Treated with Copper Solutions by Either Root-Treatment or Foliar-Treatment

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Ahmed Douleh
Mohammed M. Al-Subu
Radi Dauod
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Effect of treatment of carrot plant with copper solutions have been investigated. The growth of plant as well as its uptake of copper and the distribution of this uptake between roots and shoots of the treated plants were followed in the study. Two types of treatment have been used: root-treatment and foliar- treatment. Copper solutions with concentrations of 0.3 - 7.6 ppm were used for root - treatment (200 nil batches repeated for 12 times over the whole period of growth) and for foliar treatment (50 ml batches repeated for 12 times over the whole period of growth). The root -treatment of the plants resulted in 10 - 63% reduction in the dry weight of plant while foliar - treatment resulted in 2 - 69% weight reduction. Comparing the two types of treatment (via determination of amounts of copper causing 50% growth inhibition) indicated a much higher effect of foliar - treatment over root - treatment on the growth of the plants and more obviously on the growth of the shoots. The concentration and total content of copper in the treated plants as well as in their roots and shoots increased with the increase of copper concentration in solutions used for either the root - treatment or the foliar-treatment. The copper content of the shoots of treated plants exceeded the content in their roots, and this was more so in the case of foliar - treatment.